Granny and Trump

Ce billet rend hommage à ma grand-mère maternelle, anglophone, née dans la province voisine. Ses petites-filles l’appelaient Granny. Compte tenu du sujet, j’ai rédigé ce court texte dans la langue de Shakespeare.

Granny and Trump

She would have said : « he’s full of baloney ». Although quite dignified, my grandmother occasionnaly let out a few swear words. However, hers were quite « proper », as suitable for a lady.

Speaking of the new president she would have said : « what a pain in the neck! Good gracious! » She might have told him « Shout! Go sit in the pansies !». You will have recognized the ancestors of ass, damnit, shit and fart.

I have not found in her vocabulary any ancestors for the new expressions : douchebag, being tight or seeming cheesy.

Notwithstanding the distinguished swear words, Granny was fond of sayings. Some of them have remained with me over the years.

« A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

Life is’nt a bowl of cherries.

If you don’t first succeed, try, try again.

Variety is the spice of life ».